For the longest time I considered doing a garage conversion (ADU) to my garage but I wasn’t too sure about the design/layout, I met with a few contractors to get some bids on the project and to get some ideas as well, after a long and careful thought I decided to go with “Cali Builders” and I couldn’t be happier, the great team of “Cali Builders” came up with genius and a very creative layout that maximizes the square footage of the space wisely and making the ADU so much more appealing yet practical, they worked like a well-oiled machine! While working on getting the permits and all the necessary paperwork, they worked with me on a three dimension layout that I adored, the team did an amazing job by bringing the 3D design and into reality and the resemblance was uncanny! The project took a little longer then I expected, mainly due to weather and one special order that I made (Murphy bed) but other then that everything went smoothly!

I want to send a special thank you to: Leo, Simon, Cesar, Arturo, Oscar, Gilbert and Carlos!